View your project during construction and then securely store all images and videos so that you can quickly identify all wiring, piping and ductwork when needed.

Construction Imaging Services are available for all forms of construction:

    • Document engineered compliance and quality assurance to for ALL interested parties
    • Store useful images to quickly identify and resolve facility maintenance issues
    • Manage lenders and insurers expectations (risks) with complete documentation
    • Assure quality of entire construction process and manage defective items
    • Quickly identify internal infrastructure saving time and money
    • Use images as a sales & marketing tool for new clients
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"We used IKS Construction Imaging to shoot the project before insulation and sheetrock were installed. Afterward we noticed that the HVAC system was not working properly and we used IKS’ images to locate a heating duct that was covered up by sheetrock. The time and money that these images saved us was substantial. Best part is I can refer to them when ever I need to in the future."

Gene Mostad, Owner, Mostad ConstructionMissoula, MT

Why use for your building project?

  • Save time & money in locating your project’s infrastructure (piping, wiring, etc…)
  • Quickly identify and resolve construction maintenance issues
  • Assure quality control of construction process for ALL interested parties
  • Prevent or quickly resolve defective items issues in the build
  • Reduce general liability (litigation) by documenting and storing project images
  • Manage risks with banks (lenders) and insurance companies (insurers)
  • Use construction images as a Sales & Marketing tool for new business

How does it work?

Name: Watson Project
Street: 1190 3rd Ave.
City: Missoula
State: MT
1. Choose a project
2. Take a picture or video and save it to the cloud
3. Tag your photo or video with room name and any other details
4. Review all of the images of your project
5. Find your infrastructure even after the walls are up.
6. Use your photos to avoid costly and time-consuming searching for the infrastructure inside the walls.

What does it cost?

Free Tier

  • 1 project
  • up to 3 users
  • 200mb of storage (approximately X photos or Y minutes of HD video)

Basic Plan

  • 5 active projects
  • 10 users
  • 1 TB of storage (approximately X photos or Y minutes of HD video)
  • no ads
  • no initial cost, $9.99 per month

Enterprise Plan

  • projects: usage-based - as many as needed
  • users: usage-based - as many as needed
  • 100 TB of storage
  • no ads
  • $49.99 initial fee, then $29.99 per month